The Shark Fin-Grid Cap is a backing wire replacement designed to improve the operational performance of existing wire wound vacuum drum decks in both pulp and paper production area. For overview of the installation process click here.
  • Eliminates backing wire
  • Increases discharge consistency & vacuum levels
  • Less air entrapment in filtrate
  • Improves seal at division grids
  • Decrease in stock re-wetting
  • Less stock & liquor build-up
  • Can be applied over corroded/eroded grids
  • Fits 1/8,3/16, & 1/4 inch grids
  • Can be used to "patch"
  • Increase in open area & face wire life
  • Improves circumference roundness
For a printable version of the Shark Fin-Grid Cap installation process click here.
For a printable Shark Fin-Grid Cap quote request form in a PDF format click here.

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